Study of a Step-by-step Reflection Method using the Spherical Panorama to Enhance the Ability of Reflective Observation

Koji TANAKA, Takatomi MIYATA, Go OKADA, Yasushi TANAKA, Masahiro URA
JSAI Technical Report, SIG-ALST  
In this study, we focus on a lack of perspective in reflective observation chosen from difficulties of experiential learning, and we examine a possibility of its support. Specifically, the present study proposes a supporting method that help the learners to broaden the scope of reflection from the individual aspects to the learning environment. This study demonstrated class practices using an omnidirectional video content developed to realize the supports proposed in this study. The report
more » ... ses indicated that the learners gradually expanded their viewpoints of reflection. In addition, the evaluation results showed that they recognized the method as effective for reflection.
doi:10.11517/jsaialst.88.0_02 fatcat:merjzxmombcbdnlhplvydms4dy