Digital element simulation of aligned tows during compaction validated by computed tomography (CT)

Z. Yousaf, P. Potluri, P.J. Withers, D. Mollenhauer, E. Zhou, S. Duning
2017 International Journal of Solids and Structures  
Meso-scale geometrical changes during transverse compression of aligned tows have a significant influence on resin permeability during infusion as well as on the mechanical properties of the resulting polymer composites. These geometrical changes need to be captured at each and every stage of composite manufacturing and realistic geometrical models verified by accurate experimental data are needed to simulate the changes during forming to predict the mechanical properties of the composite
more » ... tes. In the present work, the aligned fibre tows in a dry plain woven glass fabric are simulated by digital element method. A meso-scale compaction study of the tow geometrical changes has been conducted by 3D X-ray computed tomography (CT) under compression loading. The evolution of mesoscale geometrical features such as tow area, thickness, width and waviness has been quantified using high quality CT images. The realistic tow geometrical data by digital element simulation under different compaction levels has been validated by experimental data obtained by CT.
doi:10.1016/j.ijsolstr.2017.05.044 fatcat:q35arqtywzgc7livkyaxg5qfem