Analysis of content of heavy metals in grass used to feed cattle by Energy Disperse X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

William A. Vallejo L
2015 Prospectiva  
In this work, we show an easy and practical analytical method to quantify the content of heavy metals in grass used to feed cattle located in areas of high vehicle traffic flow. Technique used in this work proved to be useful, easy sample preparation, wide dynamic range, and high performance. Analyzes were performed on a Fluorescence Spectrometer Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX). Quantification of metals was performed using the method of fundamental parameters. The analysis of the grass showed
more » ... he grass showed high content of elements such as Fe and Mn. Along, results indicated heavy metals concentration was highest in the proximity to the vehicle road, element Fe had highest concentration and element Cu had the lowest concentration, finally we determined minimal distance to the road vehicles to ensure the heavy metals concentration was minimal.
doi:10.15665/rp.v13i1.354 fatcat:etncvgh5nrdvfg7wrpyibcfd54