Quality Characteristics and Antioxidant Activities of Yanggaeng Added with Viscum album Extracts
겨우살이 추출물 첨가 양갱의 품질특성 및 항산화활성

Sujung Yoo, Dongjin Yoo, Changeun Kim, Soohyun Kim
2017 The Korean Journal of Community Living Science  
This study was conducted to assess the quality characteristics and antioxidant activity of yanggaeng prepared with different concentrations of Viscum album extracts (VAE; 0, 1, 3 and 5%). The moisture content ranged from 37.85% to 39.38%, exhibiting no significant differences between the groups. The pH level of VAE 5% added yanggaeng was the lowest, followed in order by 3% and 1% additions. Increasing the amount of VAE in yanggaeng tended to increase acidity. The lightness value of the Hunter
more » ... lue of the Hunter color system decreased based on the amount of VAE concentrate added to yanggaeng. As VAE content increased, changes in hardness, gumminess, and brittleness were all significant (p<0.05). Characteristics of cohesiveness and springiness showed no significant differences. Total polyphenol content was the highest in VAE 5% added yanggaeng. Antioxidant activities such as DPPH radical scavenging activity of the control group was 2.29%, whereas groups with added VAE ranged from 7.52~28.05%. As VAE increased, antioxidative activity also increased. In the sensory evaluation, yanggaeng addition with VAE 3% had excellent scores for bitterness, moistness, and overall acceptability. Yanggaengs with moderate levels of VAE 3% are recommended (with respect to overall preference score) to take advantage of the functional properties of VAE without sacrificing consumer acceptability.
doi:10.7856/kjcls.2017.28.1.93 fatcat:4raoi7i2djebjpofzy565uml7q