Visual Features with Spatio-Temporal-Based Fusion Model for Cross-Dataset Vehicle Re-Identification

Zakria, Jianhua Deng, Jingye Cai, Muhammad Umar Aftab, Muhammad Saddam Khokhar, Rajesh Kumar
2020 Electronics  
Vehicle re-identification (Re-Id) is the key module in an intelligent transportation system (ITS). Due to its versatile applicability in metropolitan cities, this task has received increasing attention these days. It aims to identify whether the specific vehicle has already appeared over the surveillance network or not. Mostly, the vehicle Re-Id method are evaluated on a single dataset, in which training and testing of the model is performed on the same dataset. However in practice, this
more » ... ely effects model generalization ability due to biased datasets along with the significant difference between training and testing data; hence, the model becomes weak in a practical environment. To demonstrate this issue, we have empirically shown that the current vehicle Re-Id datasets are usually strongly biased. In this regard, we also conduct an extensive study on the cross and the same dataset to examine the impact on the performance of the vehicle Re-Id system, considering existing methods. To address the problem, in this paper, we have proposed an approach with augmentation of the training dataset to reduce the influence of pose, angle, camera color response, and background information in vehicle images; whereas, spatio-temporal patterns of unlabelled target datasets are learned by transferring siamese neural network classifiers trained on a source-labelled dataset. We finally calculate the composite similarity score of spatio-temporal patterns with siamese neural-network-based classifier visual features. Extensive experiments on multiple datasets are examined and results suggest that the proposed approach has the ability to generalize adequately.
doi:10.3390/electronics9071083 fatcat:abkkg3vwqjcwjeimfjjuz4l67m