XLynx—An FPGA-based XML filter for hybrid XQuery processing

Jens Teubner, Louis Woods, Chongling Nie
2013 ACM Transactions on Database Systems  
While offering unique performance and energy saving advantages, the use of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for database acceleration has demanded major concessions from system designers. Either the programmable chips have been used for very basic application tasks (such as implementing a rigid class of selection predicates), or their circuit definition had to be completely re-compiled at runtime-a very CPUintensive and time-consuming effort. This work eliminates the need for such
more » ... ons. As part of our XLynx implementation-an FPGAbased XML filter-we present skeleton automata, which is a design principle for data-intensive hardware circuits that offers high expressiveness and quick re-configuration at the same time. Skeleton automata provide a generic implementation for a class of finite-state automata. They can be parameterized to any particular automaton instance in a matter of micro-seconds or less (as opposed to minutes or hours for complete re-compilation). We showcase skeleton automata based on XML projection [Marian and Siméon 2003], a filtering technique that illustrates the feasibility of our strategy for a real-world and challenging task. By performing XML projection in hardware and filtering data in the network, we report on performance improvements of several factors while remaining non-intrusive to the back-end XML processor (we evaluate XLynx using the Saxon engine).
doi:10.1145/2536800 fatcat:3zlqnjgdhndg3ecc2vd2ksnotq