Comparison of tissue oximeters on a liquid phantom with adjustable optical properties: an extension

S. Kleiser, D. Ostojic, B. Andresen, Nassim Nasseri, H. Isler, Felix Scholkmann, T. Karen, G. Greisen, M. Wolf
Cerebral near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) oximetry may help clinicians to improve patient treatment. However, the application of NIRS oximeters is increasingly causing confusion to the users due to the inconsistency of tissue oxygen haemoglobin saturation (StO 2 ) readings provided by different oximeters. To establish a comparability of oximeters, in our study we performed simultaneous measurements on the liquid phantom mimicking properties of neonatal heads and compared the tested device to a
more » ... reference NIRS oximeter (OxiplexTS). We evaluated the NIRS oximeters FORE-SIGHT, NIRO and SenSmart, and reproduced previous results with the INVOS and OxyPrem v1.3 oximeters. In general, linear relationships of the StO 2 values with respect to the reference were obtained. Device specific hypoxic and hyperoxic thresholds (as used in the SafeBoosC study, and a table allowing for conversion of StO 2 values are provided.
doi:10.7892/boris.110956 fatcat:d35z7e6lp5gvdfu4u7etlyolli