The Hypervigilance for Social Threats Predicts Older Adults' Loneliness in Japan

Ye Zhang
2021 The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association  
キーワード:work-related stress, stress coping, police officer Today, maintaining the good mental health of workers has become an important social concern. However, due to the nature of their duties, the stress of police officers have not yet been enough clarified. Clarifying it and exploring effective stress coping strategies for them is important for their good mental health. A questionnaire survey on work-related stress was conducted for almost 700 police officers. The results of the survey showed
more » ... that the percentage of those with high stress was significantly higher than that the general population. However, the reality is that many police officers are able to continue their duties. Therefore, it is speculated that there are factors that allow police officers to relieve from the work-related stress. In this study, the number of police officers who felt that they had support from their colleagues, superiors, and family members was significantly higher. This result suggests that the stress among them may be supported by their surroundings.
doi:10.4992/pacjpa.85.0_pd-148 fatcat:fxvbek5cbfepzebxboaqrgu4fm