B Wang, Education Academy, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, G Gedviliene, Education Academy, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
2021 Proceedings of the International Conference on Future of Education   unpublished
Higher vocational education is an important part of higher education in China. With the rapid development of China economy, social demands for more high-quality talents than ever before. There are many factors affecting the development of higher vocational education, especially policy. The state has issued a series of policies on promoting the development of higher vocational education. This paper uses the literature method and the comparative research method. By consulting the relevant
more » ... re and materials, we will analyze and summarize the characteristics and direction of the Chinese higher vocational education policy in the past ten years, and summarize the highlights of the higher vocational education policy in developed countries. Through comparative research method, China's higher vocational education policy is divided into six categories: 1. Policies on the reform of school system and mechanism; 2. Policies on accelerating the construction of a modern vocational education system; 3. Policies on improving the quality of talent training in vocational colleges; 4. Policies on deepening the integration of industry and education; 5. Policies on strengthening the construction of teachers; 6. Improving the development of vocational education policy on the levels of barriers. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the background and research status of this research topic. The second part analyzes the stage characteristics of the development of Higher Vocational Education in China by selecting and analyzing the policies on Higher Vocational Education issued by the state since 2010-2020. The third part summarizes and analyzes the trend of China's higher vocational education policymaking in the future.
doi:10.17501/26307413.2021.4107 fatcat:gngwk5oq4ffurl2wspzznd3mca