Reducing Conservatism in Analysis of Networked Control Systems Using Order Constraints

2021 INCAS Bulletin  
This paper deals with the analysis of the stability of networked control systems (NCS). In NCS, the signal transmission between the plant and the controller is done through a communication network. Usually, this data transmission faces packet delay and dropout. Two types of NCS modeling for networks with packet dropout and one type of modeling for networks with packet delays are introduced. These models are of discrete-time switched linear types and there may be constraints on the order of the
more » ... ubsystems' occurrence. The analysis will be conservative if these constraints are not taken into account. It is shown that by considering these constraints, the stability analysis will be less conservative. Both deterministic and stochastic analyses are considered and compared.
doi:10.13111/2066-8201.2021.13.3.8 fatcat:rqsfxhqbubflzhpatvpliuefge