Application of GIS in water supply management network

Ymer KUKA, Perparim AMETI, Besim AJVAZI, Saranda MURSELI
2014 Micro, Macro & Mezzo Geoinformation  
The aim of this research project is to discuss the role and importance of the GIS in managing the water supply and consumers. Currently, GIS plays a very important role in managing the data with spatial and non-spatial components. There are several requirements or challenges that are related to GIS integration. One of them is creating or adaption of a GIS model to accurately manage the water supply network. This requires good knowledge of the spatial data and of links between different
more » ... all interconnected to provide appropriate functionalities. GIS is a technology that offers data processing in appropriate forms for analysis, management and presentations of results based on different requirements. Based on the options offered, this research project discusses the reasons for creating a GIS model to manage easily and more efficiently the data that comprise a potential water supply network system.
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