A comparison of new and existing mild traumatic brain injury vignettes: Recommendations for research into post-concussion syndrome

Karen A. Sullivan, Shannon L. Edmed, Lauren C. Cunningham
2012 Brain Injury  
2013) A comparison of new and existing mild traumatic brain injury vignettes : recommendations for research into post-concussion syndrome. Abstract 1 Objective: To review and compare the mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) vignettes used in 2 postconcussion syndrome (PCS) research, and to develop 3 new vignettes. Method: The new 3 vignettes were devised using World Health Organisation (WHO) mTBI diagnostic criteria 4 [1]. Each vignette depicted a very mild/absent (VM), mild (M), or severe (S)
more » ... ), or severe (S) brain injury. 5 Expert review and readability analysis was used to validate the new vignettes and compare 6 them to 5 existing vignettes. An expert panel (N = 27) was emailed a survey that randomly 7 presented the vignettes for evaluation. Results: The response rate was 44%. The M vignette 8 and existing vignettes were rated as depicting a mTBI; however, the fit-to-criteria of these 9 vignettes differed significantly. The fit-to-criteria of the M vignette was as good as that of 3 10 existing vignettes and significantly better than 2 other vignettes. As expected, the VM and S 11 vignettes were a poor fit-to-criteria. As there was no significant difference in the injury 12 severity ratings of the M and S vignette they were revised, using panel feedback, and 13 redistributed, yielding improved ratings. Conclusions: These new vignettes will assist PCS 14 researchers to test the limits of important etiology factors by varying the severity of depicted 15 injuries.
doi:10.3109/02699052.2012.698360 pmid:23252435 fatcat:vzaikdrc3fbujdilrvlgq62qqq