On the several efficiencies of the steam engine, and on the conditions of maximum economy

Robert H. Thurstov
1882 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
SE(~TION II.--APPLIC.kTIONS AN]) DEDUCTIONS. ll. Mctlwd of (bn~.tr~tction of l]~e Diagram of ~cie~cie~.. By the al)pli('ation of this method, as proposed by the writer, we may tlms determine, from the results of experiment, a set of data and a graphi('al representation of those results whieh may serve as a standard for the class to which the engine examined 1)elongs. it is further evident that, the ratio of expansion at maximum etii-,'iency being determined bv experiment, and with preeision by
more » ... with preeision by this graphieal method, it becomes easy to ascertain with exaetness the value of the ratio of exl)ansion at maximum eommereial economy. The base line, VL, fi,r maximum eflieieney of engine being fixed; the position of the point V on that line is readily obtained, and thus the line VZ becomes known, and the ratio of expansion at maximum commercial economy is determined. Similarly, by extending the line VL until it beeomes proportional to the Stllll (){' all costs, constant and WuOLE No. VoI,. CXIII.--(THIRI) SEINES, Vol. lxxxiii.) 26 zo 15 10
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(82)90335-0 fatcat:cf73jlihmzhjjk6x4ssfvflkta