Pointer analysis for multithreaded programs

Radu Rugina, Martin Rinard
1999 SIGPLAN notices  
This paper present s a n o vel interprocedural, ow-sensitive, and context-sensitive pointer analysis algorithm for multithreaded programs that may concurrently update shared pointers. For each pointer and each program point, the algorithm computes a conservative approximation of the memory locations to which that pointer may point. The algorithm correctly handles a full range of constructs in multithreaded programs, including recursive functions, function pointers, structures, arrays, nested
more » ... uctures and arrays, pointer arithmetic, casts between pointer variables of di erent t ypes, heap and stack allocated memory, shared global variables, and thread-private global variables. We h a ve implemented the algorithm in the SUIF compiler system and used the implementation to analyze a sizable set of multithreaded programs written in the Cilk multithreaded programming language. Our experimental results show that the analysis has good precision and converges quickly for our set of Cilk programs.
doi:10.1145/301631.301645 fatcat:cdv6gssyb5a5bi3aonb3u2taci