Construction and Maintenance of Concrete Piles in Corrosive and Destructive Marine Environments Based on Study of the Persian Gulf Marine Installations

Nasser Arafati, AbdolHossein Fazli, Seyed Mehdi Mousavi, Fouzieh Rouzmehr
2012 Construction Research Congress 2012   unpublished
Marine environments include ions and corrosive gases and are the place of marine living things, which are destructive for construction materials. Hydrostatic pressures and high temperature changes, which are current in most of the coastal areas and marine structures, are able to accelerate decay of construction materials. Marine structures and port installations existing in ports are considered as important infrastructural installations that due to their concrete or metal nature are exposed to
more » ... ecay and destruction arising from being in marine environments. Concrete piles, which are executed in sea beds or in coasts, are affected by corrosive factors and the factors decreasing stability. Therefore methods and materials and special inspection system should be used to confront these factors. Undoubtedly Persian Gulf is one of the most corrosive and risky environments of the world for execution of concrete structures and concrete piles. This research tries to investigate the optimum methods for execution and maintenance and optimization of concrete piles and also concrete technology of these piles in Persian Gulf in details. In order to access this aim the geotechnical experiences of the piles and foundations executed in Persian Gulf and Omman Sea were used and finally some proposals for execution of such structures in destructive environments without any problem were offered.
doi:10.1061/9780784412329.240 fatcat:oq6tfjpvdnbl3h4p7v4nwqxrpm