Observation of optical instabilities in the photoluminescence of InGaN single quantum well

Ruggero Micheletto, Masayoshi Abiko, Akio Kaneta, Yoichi Kawakami, Yukio Narukawa, Takashi Mukai
2006 Applied Physics Letters  
Recent advances in studies for InGaN/GaN have led to high-brightness green and blue light emitting diodes (LED). These wide band gap materials are currently used for many applications, for example full color displays, white (RGB) light sources or for the creation of shorter wavelength devices for optical data storage. In this presentation, we will report our observations of intriguing optical instability (blinking phenomenon) in the photoluminescence of InGaN single quantum well devices.
more » ... fluorescence blinking has been observed in three dimensional confined systems (quantum dots) as CdSe, ZnCdSe, InP and GaAs, however the phenomenon is difficult to be explained in our case where the photoluminescence is generated in a system that is quantum confined only in a single direction (quantum well).
doi:10.1063/1.2172144 fatcat:kjg3qyswfbcgxit663t5zebjcu