Charge depletion of n+-In0.53Ga0.47As potential wells by background acceptor doping

E. Skuras, A. R. Long, B. Vögele, M. C. Holland, C. R. Stanley, E. A. Johnson, A. MacKinnon
1999 Applied Physics Letters  
Charge depletion from 20 monolayers of n ϩ -In 0.53 Ga 0.47 As, uniformly doped with Si donors and embedded within Be-doped In 0.53 Ga 0.47 As, has been studied at 1.2 K by magnetotransport measurements. Electron subband energies and densities associated with the n ϩ -In 0.53 Ga 0.47 As potential well prove sensitive to the presence of the acceptors at concentrations up to 3ϫ10 16 cm Ϫ3 . Agreement between the experimental data and the electronic subband structure calculated self-consistently
more » ... self-consistently by solving the one-dimensional Schrödinger and Poisson equations is excellent. The results suggest that intentional background acceptor doping could be a useful mechanism for tuning subband fillings and energies in potential wells formed by highly confined donors.
doi:10.1063/1.123427 fatcat:bpag5puhnzdb5ko2nrp3o6pa2y