Generation Mechanism of Social Meanings to 'Anger' - Analysis of a Media Report on Violent Crime by Using Word2vec

Sun-hyoung LEE*
2018 New Physics Sae Mulli  
This research analyzes the description and the context of crimes connected with anger by using media reports on violent crime from 2006 to 2015. Firstly, the result of using word2vec to analyze annual trend data revealed that general words related to emotions appeared with 'anger', but recently, 'anger' has also been used with negative terms such as 'inferiority complex' and 'sense of betrayal'. Next, the outcomes from cosine similarity between two words confirm the findings that 'anger'
more » ... that 'anger' changed to an emotion that could be associated with a specific method and type of crime. Especially, compared to 'rage', which is a similar word, 'anger' has been used in a context related to 'accidental' or 'impulsive'. Recently, its similarity with 'accidental' has also been increasing. This shows that media reports related to anger emphasize the behavioral factors of a crime as, well as its suddenness and contingency. Moreover, we identified the mechanisms that give new social meaning to 'anger' by establishing the anger -aggression relation in the media.
doi:10.3938/npsm.68.655 fatcat:2bglkmztzjevncym5xwwtrv3by