Development of Belt-Type Microstructure Array Flexible Mold and Asymmetric Hot Roller Embossing Process Technology

2019 Coatings  
This study proposed the belt-type microstructure array flexible mold designed hot roller embossing process technology. An extrusion molding system was integrated with belt-type hot roller embossing process technology and, deriving the asymmetric principle as the basis of prediction, designed a belt-type microstructure array hot roller embossing process system. This study first focused on the design and manufacturing of a belt-type hot roller embossing process system (roll to belt-type). It then
more » ... carried out system integration and testing, along with the film extrusion system, to fabrication microstructure array production. Hot embossing was used to replicate the array of the plastic micro lens as the microstructure mold. The original master mold was fabricated with micro electromechanical technology and the PC micro lens array as the microstructure (inner layer) film using the gas-assisted hot embossing technology. A microstructure composite belt and magnetic belt were produced on the hot roller embossing by an innovated coated casting technique. The forming accuracy of the belt-type microstructure array flexible mold hot roller embossing process and the prediction precision of numerically simulated forming were discussed. The proposed process technology is expected to effectively reduce the process cycle time with the advantages of being a fast and continuous process.
doi:10.3390/coatings9040274 fatcat:y2666senfbfxdjw6xdzj3jzm6u