Photoinduced Crystalline Structure Change and Photosalient Effect through Strengthening Metallophilic Interaction

Tomohiro SEKI, Hajime ITO
2015 Nihon Kessho Gakkaishi  
We report the first photoinduced single-crystal-to-single-crystal SCSC phase transition of a gold complex 1 that involves strengthening of intermolecular aurophilic interactions. This is also the first solid state photochromism of gold complexes. Upon UV irradiation, blue-emitting crystals 1B of aryl gold I isocyanide complex 1 transform into the weakly yellow-emitting crystals 1Y. X-ray diffraction analyses exhibit that the phase transition proceeds in an SCSC manner. After phase transition
more » ... phase transition from 1B to 1Y, the intermolecular Au Au separation decreases from 3.5041 14 to 3.2955 6 Å, resulting in a red-shifted emission. The photoinduced strengthening of the aurophilic interactions in the excited state initiates the change in the crystal structure from 1B to 1Y. Moreover, crystal 1B showed a photosalient effect: the 1B crystals jump upon irradiation with strong UV light owing to the phase transition into 1Y. The photoinduced strengthening of aurophilic interactions in the crystal generate the sudden mechanical movement of the crystal. 図 1 Photochromism of the crystal of diarylethene derivative. プロフィール
doi:10.5940/jcrsj.57.226 fatcat:tdfs5fzftzcm5bluoiksghyanq