THD Reduction and Mitigation of Voltage flicker by Four Leg inverter

Ch Ramesh, Reddy
2016 27 Proceedings of National Conference on Computing, Electrical, Electronics and Sustainable Energy Systems   unpublished
Voltage flicker is a disturbance in electrical power systems. The reason for this disturbance is mainly due to the large nonlinear loads such as electric arc furnaces. A STATCOM is considered as a proper technique to mitigate the voltage flicker. Application of more suitable and precise power electronic converter leads to a more precise performance of the compensator. The voltage flicker compensation by 6-pulse, 8-pulse and 12-pulse static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) has been performed.
more » ... s been performed. In this case, injection of harmonics into the system caused some problems which were later overcome by using 8 pulse and 12-pulse assignment of SATCOM and RLC filter. This paper deals with the voltage flicker mitigation and reduction in total harmonic distortion (THD) and compared the results in detail. The obtained results show that STATCOM is very efficient and effective for the compensation and mitigation of voltage flicker and harmonics all the simulation results have been performed on the MATLAB Software.