Aprilia Putri, Aprilia Putri
2015 unpublished
The topic of this study is teaching narrative writing to junior high school using drama as medium. The objective of this study are to find out the difficulties of the students in writing narrative text, to investigate how well drama contributes to the students' skill in writing narrative text and to give a model on how drama used to teach writing of a narrative text. In order to achieve the objectives of this study, the writer designs an action research using four steps; planning, action,
more » ... ation, and reflection. The population of this study is the Eighth grade of MTs Al Faizin Jepara. The subjects were 40 students. There were 6 meeting during the action research. In the first cycle, the writer used drama but the script was made by the students and in the second cycle the writer still used drama as medium but the script was made by the teacher. It was to repair the weak points to the first cycle, because the result of the first cycle could not achieve the targeted mark, 65. In line with the Result the writer suggests that a teacher must be able to create her own way to improve her/his students' interest in following her/his teaching.