Micropolarizing device for long wavelength infrared polarization imaging [report]

Joel Robert Wendt, Tony Ray Carter, Sally Samora, Alvaro Augusto Cruz-Cabrera, Gregory Allen Vawter, Shanalyn A Kemme, Charles Fred Alford, Robert R Boye, Jody Lynn Smith
2006 unpublished
The goal of this project is to fabricate a four-state pixelated subwavelength optical device that enables mid-wave infrared (MWIR) or long-wave infrared (LWIR) snapshot polarimetric imaging. The polarization information can help to classify imaged materials and identify objects of interest for numerous remote sensing and military applications. While traditional, sequential polarimetric imaging produces scenes with polarization information through a series of assembled images, snapshot
more » ... snapshot polarimetric imaging collects the spatial distribution of all four Stokes' parameters simultaneously. In this way any noise due to scene movement from one frame to the next is eliminated. We fabricated several arrays of subwavelength components for MWIR polarization imaging applications. Each pixel unit of the array consists of four elements. These elements are micropolarizers with three or four different polarizing axis orientations. The fourth element sometimes has a micro birefringent waveplate on the top of one of the micropolarizers. The
doi:10.2172/896557 fatcat:7m45bmwjuvgcjmf5xu5q3cfr6a