The Implementation of Caching Database to Reduce Query's Response Time

Arnaldo Marulitua Sinaga, Poppy Sibarani, J. Jamari, R. Handogo, E. Suryani
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Performance is an imperative aspect of a web-based application. Response time is one of the most important performance parameters. Most of web-based applications are driven by database system. Reducing response time of its database system will improve the performance of a web-based application. Caching is one of techniques that can be implemented to reduce response time. The implementation of caching can be conducted in the application or database side. Caching is a technique to keep the
more » ... to keep the executed query and hence the query will not be executed when called in the later execution. The result of an executed query will be stored in the cache therefore when that query is called, the database will retrieve the stored result without re-executing query. This mechanism will reduce the time to re-execute queries. However, this technique may be not suitable for all queries. This research is intended to investigate the effect of the implementation of caching into performance of a database. A series of experiments have been conducted by applying query cache. The response time of the application of query cache is compared with the response time of database without query. The results show that the implementation of query cache reduces response time significantly. However, this technique is more suitable for large database with many frequently asked queries. The number of clients accessing the database is found to be influencing the performance of caching. The more clients access the database, the more improvement is provided by query cache.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20165803014 fatcat:gmafhyk2p5dthkvude5s4axbu4