Study on Spectrum Estimation in Biophoton Emission Signal Analysis of Wheat Varieties

Yitao Liang, Hongxia Song, Qin Liu, Weiya Shi, Lan Li
2014 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The photon emission signal in visible range (380 nm–630 nm) was measured from various wheat kernels by means of a low noise photomultiplier system. To study the features of the photon emission signal, the spectrum estimation method of the photon emission signal is described for the first time. The biophoton emission signal, belonging to four varieties of wheat, is analyzed in time domain and frequency domain. It shows that the intensity of the biophoton emission signal for four varieties of
more » ... t kernels is relatively weak and has dramatic changes over time. Mean and mean square value are obviously different in four varieties; the range was, respectively, 3.7837 and 74.8819. The difference of variance is not significant. The range is 1.1764. The results of power spectrum estimation deduced that the biophoton emission signal is a low frequency signal, and its power spectrum is mostly distributed in the frequency less than 0.1 Hz. Then three parameters, which are spectral edge frequency, spectral gravity frequency, and power spectral entropy, are adopted to explain the features of the kernels' spontaneous biophoton emission signal. It shows that the parameters of the spontaneous biophoton emission signal for different varieties of wheat are similar.
doi:10.1155/2014/606275 fatcat:trl5cu53org7hgc5nlorwlwol4