Summer pruning effect on tree growth and fruit production of persimmon

S.T. Choi, D.S. Park, K.P. Hong, S.M. Kang
This paper reviews the effect of summer pruning in persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) with regard to its positive and negative aspects on tree growth and fruit production. In order for this practice to be of a significant value, a clear understanding is needed to appreciate the fact that so many variables are involved and much remains to be substantiated. Major reasons for summer pruning of persimmon are to improve fruit quality by enhancing light penetration into the tree canopy and to restrict
more » ... opy and to restrict vegetative shoot growth. Summer pruning generally suppresses tree growth even though it elevates leaf activity. Positive effects of summer pruning on skin color, soluble solids, and appearance of fruits are observed mainly in those orchards where the trees are heavily dormant-pruned to lower tree height and to secure space in high density plantings. Secondary shoot pruning and topping could also improve fruit quality, increasing flower bud formation of remaining shoots. Summer-pruning effects are highly dependent on its severity and timing to affect tree growth, shoot regrowth, reserve accumulation, and fruit quality.
doi:10.13128/ahs-12765 fatcat:kcu3vjt3knednge3hygwrpaozq