Introducing General Theory of Victimology in Criminal Sciences

J Intl, Humanities
2013 Introducing General Theory of Victimology in... Intl. J. Humanities   unpublished
One of the most important necessities that victimology requires at least within criminal sciences is to create a general theory describing and explaining all concepts, theories and hypotheses which may be used in this scientific sphere. The present article seeks to introduce such a theory, using key terminologies formed the literature and content of victimology from beginning of its emergence since mid of the twentieth century. The new discipline of criminal sciences that I argue in this
more » ... rgue in this article has emerged in the light of two criminological and legal approaches. The work of the victimology theory is to incorporating these approaches into a unified field of study which is based upon three key concepts: active personality of victim, nature of victimhood/victimization and passivity of victim. In my final considerations, I conclude that the victimology theory can have virtues and advantages including in criminal etiology, preventing victimization and offending and overall formulating a better criminal policy and criminal justice system in practice.