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1882 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Only complaint was of weariness, and a feeling as though she had been pounded. The night had been restless ; she was thirsty ; no abdominal pain, tenderness, or swelling ; can move in bed easily ; tongue moist; there was no albumen in the urine, and the quantity secreted was normal ; drinks milk freely ; not much flowing ; lochia slightly offensive. In evening, pulse 106; temperature 104°F. April 16th, a. M. Symptoms all relieved; pulse 96; temperature 101.5°F.: had a good night; less pain in
more » ... ght; less pain in head ; no pain or soreness in abdomen ; lochia slightly offensive, p. ji. Another chill, not very severe ; pulse 100 ; temperature 105°F. Abdomen a little teuder and swollen ; bad feeling in the head ; breasts full, with a fair secretion of milk ; two spontaneous dejections. April 17th. Pulse 92; temperature 102.3°; had a good night; better every way; breasts full; a small spot of tenderness in the abdomen. (Its exact position is not stated in my notes.) Lochia less offensive. April 18th. Very comfortable. 19th. Comfortable; pulse 88; temperature 99°F. 20th. Pulse 90 ; temperature 99°F. ; frequent desire to urinate. April 21st. (Ninth day.) Chill at midnight. In
doi:10.1056/nejm188203021060905 fatcat:vcsm3ujixfgm3cz2ca2w75kwae