Effect of Solvent on Photooxidation of Protoporphyrin-IX d.m.e. by Singlet Molecular Oxygen

Evgeny A. Venediktov, Elena J. Tulikova
2009 Macroheterocycles  
The photooxidation of protoporphyrin -IX dimethyl ester by singlet molecular oxygen in various solvents was studied. It was shown that dielectric effect of a solvent is important in determining of the rate constant of this process. Keywords: Protoporphyrin -IX d.m.e., photooxidation, dielectric effect of a solvent. Figure 1. Structural formulae of protoporphyrin -IX dimethyl ester (I) and hydroxyaldehydes (II and III).
doi:10.6060/mhc2009.2.172 fatcat:brgskt5hand3hj3emb26wnkday