Application of Internet of Things Technology in Mobile Education of Smart Campus Culture and Etiquette

Yanhui Guo, C. Venkatesan
2022 Journal of Sensors  
To address the many uncertainties of technological change in school governance processes, this article offers smart school-based governance based on Internet of Things and Internet access mobile. Regarding the use of technology in cell phones, the system integrates in many ways, interviews staff involved, receives information, and then examines the use of how school governance affects school administration. The results of the experiment were as follows: 91.4% of parents believed that the use of
more » ... smart home control systems was beneficial to themselves and their children; of the parents, 77.42% were most concerned about their student's school condition, with 41.94% and 38.71% doing homework. In addition, 29.03% and 21.51% of family information and school activities were in the parent' perspective. Parents estimate that in-school communication on WeChat, which is the largest contributor to smart school management, reaches an average of 50%. Smart school management has proven to be able to create a large database of schools and use it to support and streamline school management decisions, especially decisions, decision of the president, improving the whole process of a smart school system.
doi:10.1155/2022/6321784 fatcat:lyfspf6pnbattcxvtdmi6iaeka