Qualitative Method Versus Quantitative Method in Marketing Research: An Application Example at Oba Restaurant [chapter]

Yusuf Bilgin
2017 Qualitative versus Quantitative Research  
The aim of this chapter is to present the unique aspects of the qualitative method that is rarely used against the quantitative method commonly used to obtain valid and reliable information in marketing research today. In this section, the qualitative method and the specific nature of the quantitative method are dealt with through an application beyond a theoretical-based debate. In this context, a marketing research has been conducted on how to improve the quality of service of a restaurant
more » ... of a restaurant operation that wants to increase the quality of the services it offers to its customers. Qualitative and quantitative methods were used simultaneously in the marketing research implemented. The specific directions that each step of the marketing research carried out and the way in which researchers should use these two methods in the marketing research are revealed through the application. As a result of the research, it has been determined that the quantitative findings about the work to be done in order to increase the service quality in the restaurant operation is numerically higher, but it is more limited in terms of guidance to the business managers. Findings obtained by the qualitative method are found to be more specific in terms of content and more functional at the point of guidance to the administrators.
doi:10.5772/67848 fatcat:e4mcwbywwffa5kcrl2cjd3su6u