Adhesive and Frictional Properties of Solid Lubricants for Powder Metallurgy Evaluated by Surface Force Apparatus

2019 Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy  
Iron-based powder mixtures for the powder metallurgy (PM) process commonly contain solid lubricants. Both zinc stearate (ZnSt) and N,N'-ethylenebis(stearamide) (EBS), which are conventional lubricants in this field, exhibit the similarly adequate lubrication performances. However, their effects on the powder mixture flow ability are different; that is, ZnSt exhibits the better flow abilities than EBS. In this study, the adhesive and frictional properties of the five surface combinations (Fe-Fe,
more » ... Fe-EBS, Fe-ZnSt, EBS-EBS, and ZnSt-ZnSt) were investigated using surface forces and resonance shear measurement. The adhesion forces obtained for all combinations were almost the same. On the other hand, frictions for Fe-EBS and EBS-EBS combinations, obtained from resonance shear measurement, were larger than others at low applied load (<ca. 1.0 mN). This result suggests that the frictional properties of lubricants at low applied load determine the powder mixture flow abilities.
doi:10.2497/jjspm.66.554 fatcat:fedj3q2sv5b2lemzvxlnlvbhxe