Design and Development of Pendulum Operated Water Pump

Prashant Shelar, Avinash Kambale, Akash Patil, Rajkumar Khandare, Abhishek Sachane, Shubham Gavali
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
The traditional hand water pump may take more efforts, the man who operates traditional hand water pump has to apply his force continuously on the lever of pump, due to which man who are using this pump get tired immediately. One important think of a pump with a pendulum is that the work is alleviated or in simple terms it makes work rather easier when is compared with a traditional hand water pump. It is due to this underlined feature which enables the pendulum pump to be used as an efficient
more » ... ed as an efficient mode in the irrigation of smaller lots, water-wells. By the use of pendulum based water pumping system we can increase the efficiency of the plant and reduce the effort, cost of production, production time, and manpower requirement. The research done fill today is concentrated on the working and effectiveness of the mechanism only. Considering all of the advantages of the mechanism it was decided to use it for lifting water with the help of reciprocating pump such that the input to the mechanism is given by humans which is comparatively less than the effort applied by humans to lift water using hand pumps directly.