Exposing boundary points of strongly pseudoconvex subvarieties in complex spaces

F. Deng, J. E. Fornæss, E. F. Wold
2018 Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society  
We prove that all locally exposable points in a Stein compact in a complex space can be exposed along a given curve to a given real hypersurface. Moreover, the exposing map for a boundary point can be sufficiently close to the identity map outside any fixed neighborhood of the point. We also prove a parametric version of this result for bounded strongly pseudoconvex domains in C n . For a bounded strongly pseudoconvex domain in C n and a given boundary point of it, we prove that there is a
more » ... hat there is a global coordinate change on the closure of the domain which is arbitrarily close to the identity map with respect to the C 1 -norm and maps the boundary point to a strongly convex boundary point.
doi:10.1090/proc/13693 fatcat:7pwj4ty3wjgyxprwdwyvwozb4i