A Study of Family Factors Affecting Social Tolerance among Students of Ahvaz Shahid Chamran University

Masoud Zalizadeh, Masoume Bagheri, Hossein Moltafet
2018 جامعه شناسی کاربردی  
Introduction Difference and diversity have existed since the formation of human society. Social tolerance is the foundation of democracy and civil society, and all modern societies require tolerant behavior by active citizens. Social tolerance can be defined as acceptance of differences in society. A tolerant person is one who refrains from throwing physical and language violence against those who are different. Social tolerance is one of the key elements in building a healthy and ethical
more » ... y and ethical society. When members of a society don't accept differences, social solidarity will be challenged and society may encounter the risk of collapse. Several factors can be noted that affect the amount of social tolerance, including the role of the family, because it is where people spend a long time and develop their values and norms. Also, it has a vital role in shaping children's attitudes and behaviors. Among the factors considered in the area of the family that affect children's social tolerance, especial attention should be paid to different parenting styles (authoritarian, permissive and democratic), network of family and social relations and the amount of religiosity in family. Materials & Methods This study is conducted through survey method and data were obtained through questionnaire. Formal validity of the questionnaire was confirmed and for reliability Cronbach's alpha was used.The statistical population includes Shahid Chamran University students, of whom 374 individuals were selected as the sample. Sampling method is classification stratified sampling. Discussion of Results & Conclusions The results indicate that only two variables of the amount of religiosity in the family and authoritarian parenting style have a meaningful relation with social tolerance and other variables such as permissive parenting style, democratic parenting style and network of family and social relations do not have a meaningful relation [...]
doi:10.22108/jas.2018.75185.0 doaj:a5afe82ad5664d1c9fe42e8bb0a4dbb1 fatcat:zylqxsmh4feotpan2qokajztni