A Study on the Patient Exposure Doses from the Panoramic Radiography using Dentistry
치과 파노라마 촬영에서 환자의 피폭선량에 관한 연구

Ilwoo Park, Wonkyo Jeung, Hyungsuk Hwang, Sunghwan Lim, Daenam Lee, Inchul Im, Jaeseung Lee, Hyonghu Park, Byungjoon Kwak, Yunsik Yu
2013 Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology  
This study estimate radiation biological danger factor by measuring patient's exposed dose and propose the low way of patient's exposed dose in panoramic radiography. We seek correcting constant of OSL dosimeter for minimize the error of exposed dose's measurement and measure the Left, Right crystalline lens, thyroid, directly included upper, lower lips, the maxillary bone and the center of photographing that indirect included in panoramic radiography by using the human body model standard
more » ... om advised in ICRP. In result, the center of photographing's level of radiation maximum value is 413.67±6.53 μGy and each upper, lower lips is 217.80±2.98 μGy, 215.33±2.61 μGy. Also in panoramic radiography, indirect included Left, Right crystalline lens's level of radiation are 30.73±2.34 μGy, 31.87±2.50 μGy, and thyroid's level of measured exposed dose can cause effect of radiation biological and we need justifiable analysis about radiation defense rule and substantiation advised international organization for the low way of patient's exposed dose in panoramic radiography of dental clinic and we judge need the additional study about radiation defense organization for protect the systematize protocol's finance and around internal organs for minimize until accepted by many people that is technological, economical and social fact by using panoramic measurement. 요약 본 연구는 파노라마 표준 촬영에서 환자의 피폭 선량을 측정하여 방사선 생물학적 위험인자를 평가하고 환자의 피 폭 선량 저감화 방안을 제시하고자 하였다. 피폭 선량의 측정 오차를 최소화하기 위하여 각 OSL 선량계의 교정상수를 구하였으며 파노라마 표준 촬영에서 간접적으로 포함되는 좌‧우측 수정체와 갑상선, 직접적으로 포함되는 상‧하 입술, 하악골 첨부, 촬영 중심점을 대상으로 ICRP에서 권고하는 인체 모형 표준 팬텀을 이용하여 측정하였다. 측정 결과, 촬 영 중심점의 선량이 413.67±6.53 μGy로 최대였으며 상‧하 입술의 경우 각각 217.80±2.98 μGy, 215.33±2.61 μGy 이었다. 또한 파노라마 표준 촬영에서 간접적으로 포함되는 좌‧우측 수정체의 등가선량은 각각 30.73±2.34 μGy, http://dx.
doi:10.7742/jksr.2013.7.1.017 fatcat:ysk3sewuzbbtlkpk5naqnbjlge