Machine Translation Quality Assessment of Selected Works of Xiaoping Deng Supported by Digital Humanistic Method

Qing Wang, Xiao Ma
2021 International Journal of Applied Linguistics and Translation  
With the development of modern technology, the new technological methods need to be applied timely into translation research and translation quality assessment. As a new research method, digital technology is often used in the field of humanities research instead of the traditional ones and open a new paradigm for humanities research. At the same time, humanities research also provides a broad application space and rich corpus data for computer technology. Different from the traditional methods
more » ... of machine translation quality assessment, this study attempts to apply the digital technology into the machine translation assessment, with the help of corpus technology, computer technology and statistical methods, so a to evaluate the quality of machine translations generated by different translation software from lexical, syntactical, semantic and pragmatic levels. The machine translation data for analysis come from the automatic translations by Baidu and Youda of the Selected Works of Xiaoping Deng, collection of Xiaoping Deng's important political speeches and theories, and the comparable data for reference is from the translated text produced by the expert translators. The specific case analysis and evaluation, on the one hand, verify the effectiveness of the digital humanity method applicable in the actual machine translation quality assessment; on the other hand, try to eliminate people's bias to the machine translation, so as to make people have a deeper understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of machine translation and improve the machine translation software design in the future.
doi:10.11648/j.ijalt.20210702.15 fatcat:5za7cgzgrrfmfiipcftr2ej74y