0.8-V Supply Voltage Deep-Submicrometer Inversion-Mode $\hbox{In}_{0.75}\hbox{Ga}_{0.25}\hbox{As}$ MOSFET

Y. Q. Wu, W. K. Wang, O. Koybasi, D. N. Zakharov, E. A. Stach, S. Nakahara, J. C. M. Hwang, P. D. Ye
2009 IEEE Electron Device Letters  
We report the experimental demonstration of deepsubmicrometer inversion-mode In 0.75 Ga 0.25 As MOSFETs with ALD high-k Al 2 O 3 as gate dielectric. In this letter, n-channel MOSFETs with 100-200-nm-long gates have been fabricated. At a supply voltage of 0.8 V, the fabricated devices with 200-130-nm-long gates exhibit drain currents of 232-440 μA/μm and transconductances of 538-705 μS/μm. The 100-nm device has a drain current of 801 μA/μm and a transconductance of 940 μS/μm. However, the device
more » ... cannot be pinched off due to severe short-channel effect. Important scaling metrics, such as on/off current ratio, subthreshold swing, and drain-induced barrier lowering, are presented, and their relations to the short-channel effect are discussed. Index Terms-Atomic layer deposition, high-k, InGaAs, MOSFET.
doi:10.1109/led.2009.2022346 fatcat:jxdxyknmdrarlkt7hy5yaxpeii