Symmetry Energy and Structure of Exotic Nuclei

M K Gaidarov, P Sarriguren, A N Antonov, E Moya de Guerra
2014 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The symmetry energy, the neutron pressure and the asymmetric compressibility of spherical Ni, Sn, Pb and deformed Kr, Sm neutron-rich eveneven nuclei are calculated within the coherent density fluctuation model using the symmetry energy as a function of density within the Brueckner energydensity functional. The correlation between the thickness of the neutron skin and the characteristics related with the density dependence of the nuclear symmetry energy is investigated for isotopic chains of
more » ... otopic chains of these nuclei in the framework of the deformed self-consistent mean-field Skyrme HF+BCS method. The mass dependence of the nuclear symmetry energy and the neutron skin thickness are also studied together with the role of the neutron-proton asymmetry. The studied correlations reveal a smoother behavior in the case of spherical nuclei than for deformed ones. We also notice that the neutron skin thickness obtained for 208 Pb with SLy4 force is found to be in a good agreement with the recent data. In addition to the interest that this study may have by itself, we give some numerical arguments in proof of the existence of peculiarities of the studied quantities in Ni and Sn isotopic chains that are not present in the Pb chain.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/533/1/012016 fatcat:6qwc7zqjujasbk5pkspofodix4