Study on PVT Air Collector & Heat Pump System for Domestic Air Conditioning Ventilation and Hot Water Supply in House
太陽熱利用型ヒートポンプ暖冷房換気給湯システムの住宅への導入に関する研究 (第2報)CFD による室内快適性を改善する手段に関する検討

Luning Sun
2020 Techinical Papers of Annual Meeting the Society of Heating,Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan  
This study is about a suggestion of air conditioning system on ways to improve thermal comfort in a house equipped with a solar heat utilization heat pump air conditioning ventilation water heater system. We studied the number and configuration of outlets, as well as the piping methods within the foundation in order to improve the indoor comfortable environment.
doi:10.18948/shasetaikai.2020.3.0_9 fatcat:ls2c5y7jq5fwxazj4mi6vniwkm