JSC "Gomselmash": on a Way to Digitalization of the Manufacture

A. S. Shantyko, V. I. Kozlov, S. V. Karabankova
2019 Цифровая трансформация  
The article is dedicated to the study the digitization of designing question. Authors reveal the information technologies role in the NTCK JSC "Gomselmash" activity as a Design Centre of the large machine-building factory of the Republicof Belarusand analyze influences of modern designing methods on the factory competitive recovery. The 3D designing and the control system of the product life (PLM-system) value at designing and statement on manufacture new agricultural machinery samples have
more » ... ry samples have been discovered in this article. On the basis of practical application, the modern program of 3D designing Creo Parametric and control systems of the product life Windchill which provides a teamwork of designers groups, positive changes in agricultural machines development and prototypes manufacturing were noted, and also conditions for the further advancing of methodology «the Industry 4.0» ware marked out. According to authors, the major factors defining the factory success, its authority in the market and competitive recovery are its staff potential, readiness of the staff to change and incipient problems resolve in modern conditions. Used actions on professional skill improvement of employees in the factory scales and measures on formation of sensitive to innovations corporative mentality are described in the article. In this article it is noted, that the next problem within the limits of JSC "Gomselmash" on a way of the concept «the Industry 4.0» development is a full integration on the basis of one informational platform not only various program systems, but also corporate data, and also guarantee of operative interacting between various divisions of holding. Authors mark out main development directions of information NTCK and other JSC "Gomselmash" divisions.
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