Low Complexity near Lossless Image Compression Technique for Telemedicine

Mohit Gupta, Narendra D Iondhe
2011 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The minimizations of the storage space and transmission time are the two most important riding factors in image compression for telemedicine. Keeping this in view this paper intend to focus on a comparative investigation of three near lossless image compression technique, NLIC (near lossless image compression), SPIHT with DWT (Discrete Wavelets Transform), RLE (Run Length Encoding) with DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform). These techniques are analyzed and tested on various type of square state of
more » ... rt photographic images and medical images. The performance evaluation parameters like PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), CR (Compression Ratio), RMSE (Root Mean Square Error), Computational time (CT) are calculated to evaluate the performance of mentioned near lossless image compression techniques.
doi:10.5120/3574-4931 fatcat:k6wd24klgzebddtjcglgyfmchy