Short Metal Capillary Columns Packed with Polymer-Coated Fibrous Materials in High-Temperature Gas Chromatography

Y. Saito, M. Ogawa, M. Imaizumi, K. Ban, A. Abe, T. Takeichi, H. Wada, K. Jinno
2005 Journal of Chromatographic Science  
The high-temperature gas chromatographic (GC) separation of several semivolatile compounds is studied with a short metal capillary column packed with fibrous material, having a polydimethylsiloxane coating thereon. Taking advantage of the excellent heat-resistance of the fiber and also the combination of the surface-deactivated metal capillary, a temperatureprogrammed separation up to 450°C is successfully demonstrated for the separation of polymer standard samples. The average molecular weight
more » ... of the commercially-available polymer standard samples for size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is estimated by high-temperature GC analysis and compared with the nominal value determined by a conventional SEC method. Although a slight deviation for the number-average molecular weight is observed between the GC and SEC analysis, the data for the weight-average molecular weight shows a good agreement in these methods. The results also suggest the future possibility of the fiber-packed metal capillary as a miniaturized GC column with an increased sample loading capacity.
doi:10.1093/chromsci/43.10.536 pmid:16438796 fatcat:dqdppw7hirbn5kkq5k773ihl4q