Evidence for quantization of the transition state for cis–trans isomerization

Young S. Choi, Taek‐Soo Kim, Hrvoje Petek, Keitaro Yoshihara, Ronald L. Christensen
1994 Journal of Chemical Physics  
Cis-trans isomerization rates of trans,trans-1,3,5,7-octatetraene (OT) on the first excited singlet state (2 'A,) potential surface have been obtained as a function of vibrational energy by measuring the fluorescence lifetimes. A stepwise increase in the isomerization rate with increasing energy has been observed, which indicates quantization of the vibrational levels of the transition state for the cis-trans isomerization of a double bond. The energy spacing of 80? 10 cm-' between the first
more » ... steps tentatively is assigned to an in-plane bending vibration of the transition state.
doi:10.1063/1.466680 fatcat:fcv2rhdbrnf3dkwsrpwdx6oka4