Dual cascade and dissipation mechanisms in helical quantum turbulence

Patricio Clark di Leoni, Pablo D. Mininni, Marc E. Brachet
2017 Physical Review A  
While in classical turbulence helicity depletes nonlinearity and can alter the evolution of turbulent flows, in quantum turbulence its role is not fully understood. We present numerical simulations of the free decay of a helical quantum turbulent flow using the Gross-Pitaevskii equation at high spatial resolution. The evolution has remarkable similarities with classical flows, which go as far as displaying a dual transfer of incompressible kinetic energy and helicity to small scales.
more » ... oral analysis indicates that both quantities are dissipated at small scales through non-linear excitation of Kelvin waves and the subsequent emission of phonons. At the onset of the decay, the resulting turbulent flow displays polarized large scale structures and unpolarized patches of quiescense reminiscent of those observed in simulations of classical turbulence at very large Reynolds numbers.
doi:10.1103/physreva.95.053636 fatcat:iy4eztw53fatnnkgmpaoqgzska