Detection of the Flow State for a Centrifugal Pump Based on Vibration

Jiaxing Lu, Xiaobing Liu, Yongzhong Zeng, Baoshan Zhu, Bo Hu, Shouqi Yuan, Hong Hua
2019 Energies  
A combined numerical and experimental method study was performed to detect the inner flow state for a type of centrifugal pump. It was found that the inlet attack angles of blades in an impeller have a great influence on the flow instabilities in a centrifugal pump. The mechanism of the rotating stall in the impeller channel was explained. Meanwhile, flow state identification with vibration (FSIV) was proposed to detect the flow instabilities in a centrifugal pump. The relationship between the
more » ... onship between the external vibration and the inner flow state has been established by FSIV. The characteristics and mechanism of the vibration produced by the flow instabilities in a centrifugal pump were investigated. It was found that the hump, the rotating stall, the backflow, the occurrence of unstable flow, and the cavitation in the centrifugal pump can be effectively detected by applying the vibration signals, which helps to obtain safe and steady operating conditions for the system.
doi:10.3390/en12163066 fatcat:y4sj3wmcpnbg5dhl5wn747eviu