Development of Equivalent Beam Model of High Burnup Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods Under Lateral Impact Loading

Sanghoon Lee, Seyeon Kim
2020 Metals  
Spent nuclear fuel (SNF) is nuclear fuel that has been irradiated and discharged from nuclear reactors. During the whole management stages of SNF before it is, in the end, disposed in a deep geological repository, the structural integrity of fuel rods and the assemblies should be maintained for safety and economic reasons. In licensing applications for the SNF storage and transportation, the integrity of SNF needs to be evaluated considering various loading conditions. However, this is a
more » ... ging task due to the complexity of the geometry and properties of SNF. In this paper, a simple and equivalent analysis model for SNF rods is developed using model calibration based on optimization and process integration. The spent fuel rod is simplified into a hollow beam with a homogenous isotropic material, and the model parameters thus found are not dependent on the length of the reference fuel rod segment that is considered. Two distinct models with different interfacial conditions between the fuel pellets and cladding are used in the calibration to account for the effect of PCMI (Pellet-Clad Mechanical Interaction). The feasibility of the models in dynamic impact simulations is examined, and it is expected that the developed models can be utilized in the analysis of assembly-level analyses for the SNF integrity assessment during transportation and storage.
doi:10.3390/met10040470 fatcat:7wqvkrtzbrh3pfjvxvcyi2ql6m