Variable Geographical Situations with subsequent Horticultural Diversities across the State of West Bengal

Guin Jayashree, Das Ankan
2019 Zenodo  
The state of West Bengal has huge geographical diversities. With respect to the geographical classification the entire bulk area of the state, thus can be divided into many physiographic regions. Each physiographic region has its own distinguished features. The climate, the weather pattern, the soil type and other abiotic factors associated are quiet different in these regions. Therefore as the non living parameters are variable, the change or differences with respect to biotic factors,
more » ... ly the plants are also very much obvious. These distinguished physiographic regions with different situation increases the potential of our state with respect to cultivation of many type of crops. Horticulture which comprises a huge category of plants like vegetables, fruits, flowers, spices, plantation, medicinal and aromatic plants are very much varying across these geographical and climatic alterations. The paper hence highlights the types of horticultural crops and their variations in these geographical conditions of West Bengal.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2619388 fatcat:xw63ltrdzjhptgpoafe6mtg5ji