Brain potentials associated with outcome expectation and outcome evaluation

Rongjun Yu, Xiaolin Zhou
2006 NeuroReport  
Feedback-related negativity is a negative de£ection in brain potentials associated with feedback indicating monetary losses or response errors.Feedback-related negativity is studied primarily in paradigms in which participants experience negative outcomes that appear to be contingent upon their previous choices. This study investigated whether feedback-related negativity can be elicited by a randomly assigned cue indicating potential monetary loss. The expected loss or win can be materialized
more » ... n be materialized or averted depending on participants' performance in a subsequent game. Compared with the win cue, the loss cue elicited a weak but signi¢cant feedback-related negativity-like e¡ect. It is suggested that the anterior cingulate cortex, which generates feedbackrelated negativity, may function as a pre-warning system that alerts the brain to get ready for future events. NeuroReport
doi:10.1097/01.wnr.0000236866.39328.1d pmid:17001286 fatcat:lglr6esxjvbt3p5q6ifc2g2ej4