Invariants under decomposition of the conjugation in the mod 2 dual Leibniz-Hopf Algebra

Neset Deniz Turgay
2018 Miskolc Mathematical Notes  
The Leibniz-Hopf algebra is the free associative algebra on one generator, S n , in each positive degree, with coproduct .S n / D P S j˝S n j . Let C and R denote coarsening and reversing operations on the mod 2 dual Leibniz-Hopf algebra. We consider decomposition of the Hopf algebra conjugation D C ı R in this dual Hopf algebra and calculate bases for the fixed points of the operations C and R.
doi:10.18514/mmn.2018.2591 fatcat:spye2nqj7bapnftn3ghqzk5pge